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I DON'T WANT TO USE PAYPAL, WHAT DO I DO? - A lot of our customers object to using PAYPAL,  we have successfully worked with PayPal for nearly 10 years, which means we can ensure your purchase and private information remains secure. When you buy with us, you can be assured that any information is kept safe with SSL site encryption to ensure that no one ever see's your private payment information, not even us!  We accept MasterCard, & Visa, Debit or Credit Cards and PayPal payments. If you still object to us using PAYPAL as our card merchant - then we can invoice you for EFT payment before dispatch.
WILL MY REMOTE WORK WHEN IT ARRIVES? - No, modern remotes come with a unique code which needs to be taught to the gate or garage door device.  Once paired the unit will activate the device.  Older remotes will need the switches inside the remote set to the same sequence as a working remote.
WHY MUST I USE THE CORRECT REMOTE? - The ORIGINAL, its REPLACEMENT or a COPY remote all share the same attributes. When you press a button on a remote you send out a very complicated digital bit stream of information.  It is broken up into several sections - MAKERS CODE - REMOTE CODE - BUTTON NUMBER - ROLLING CODE ALGORITHM - IDENTIFIER (security remotes only).  The device receiver is looking for this info in sequence starting with MAKERS CODE, if it is not seen or the remote not programmed - the signal is ignored.  This is why you cannot code just any remote even if its the same frequency.
HOW DO I CODE MY NEW REMOTE? -  There are 2 methods DIRECT & INDIRECT, makers follow the same paths - but differ a bit in their execution.  DIRECT coding means teaching the device the remote button you want to activate the device.  This is done by pressing a button either marked DOOR CODE - CODE - LEARN and transmitting the button on the remote to teach the device (see supplied  Coding Instructions or video on the product web page).  INDIRECT coding either means setting switches in the new remote to the same sequence as a working remote, or putting the receiver into LEARN mode by activating a secret switch on w working remote & then teaching the receiver the new button on the remote (refer to Coding Instruction of watch Coding video on the product web page).
CAN I USE A UNIVERSAL REMOTE? - These UNIVERSAL remotes only copy older FIXED and some BILLION CODE remotes in the frequency range of 250 to 450MHz.  After transferring the code to the remote it must be tuned to the right frequency manually. Some UNIVERSAL remotes come pre-tuned.  These remotes usually lack range & longevity.
WHY CAN'T I USE A REMOTE COPY? - Copies come in two categories LOW & MEDIUM cost.  The LOW cost items usually lack longevity & many may not code to your device at all.  MEDIUM cost copies come with a GUARANTEE TO WORK and perform as per the original.  Because you are not paying the LICENSE fee to the maker - there is an immediate price advantage - but, this cuts into the makers profit base so they have reacted by voiding warranty on any installation found to be using a copy remote.
WHAT IS AN REMOTE UPGRADE KIT? - Where the MAKER has made their old remotes obsolete & supplies have been exhausted - we provide an UPGRADE path to modern remotes using the PUSH BUTTON circuit of the device.  The Kit comprises 2 ultra modern remotes coded to a receiver that accepts a wide range of remotes.  The receiver is either powered by the device or it has a 12v Plug-In power pack (like a phone charger).  Each different gate or garage door opener requires a different connecting loom which is included.  Simply plug in the power pack (power point double adapter or power board is needed) & connect the loom by plugging in or screwing the two terminals.
HOW LONG SHOULD A REMOTE LAST? - Over the years we have seen remotes 20 years old that look & perform as new, then new remotes that are totally destroyed .  Most makers of modern remotes suggest that they should last 4 to 5 years in normal service with the battery needing replacement every 2 years depending on use.  Naturally take care of your remote, do not leave it in full sun or rain & never give it to a child to teeth on - remotes have small button batteries inside that can kill small children if ingested.